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30 September, 2008

Django Live

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 2 min.

I've got my site moved over to using Django now. I haven't written my application yet so the site isn't complete as of yet. As of right now only the blog is truly dynamic, although everything is stored in the database but not as dynamic as the blog pages. Right now the site is powered by Django and a few of the pre-built applications included with it as well as from Google Code.

I am going to build my application around the components that are already powering the site and include them in the views of my application so that content from more then just the one application will be included on the page and better utilize the space. What definitely will be done is under the navigation to the left will be a section listing out the most recent blog post titles, probably 5 or less, and possibly a random image from the gallery once its up and working. I'm also working on correcting an issue with the blog app that I'm running into when comments are enabled, so once I get that corrected you'll be able to comment to my blog posts and probably to the gallery.

I've not done much in the way of layout design therefore what you see presently may not be the final representation of my site. What I've done thus far is fairly good for my first attempt at designing a page layout. The site layout is pure CSS without tables or javascript. The only javascript present on the site is the Google Ads generator. My thanks to both W3 Schools and Dynamic Drives for their tutorials and examples which helped me to build out this sites design. I'm still working on completing the navigation bar, I'm planning on having it cascade out for the submenus but I'm still working on getting everything right so that it will be completed with CSS alone. This layout is fully XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 compliant and will validate as such.

This is the first blog post on my Django based site. I like the admin section a lot better then that of Drupal. Look for future posts to this site.

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