Darrel Clute is an IT Infrastructure Architect. Throughout his career he has been predominately focused on Network Engineering, but has spent equal amounts of time focused on Systems Engineering, primarily with UNIX based systems. Beyond his employment Darrel is also an advocate for Open Source software use in the enterprise as well as for by individuals, but will never advocate the use of Open Source purely for the sake of it.

Outside of his core competencies Darrel also has extensive experience with proprietary and Open Source virtualization platforms. His knowledge and experience with IaaS solutions such as OpenStack are constantly increasing as well. Additionally through his Systems Engineering experience Darrel has been exposed to and supported various web and enterprise applications. The most recent exposure has been to PaaS solutions, and this has led to advocation that either a Public or Private cloud offering is not complete without a coupling of both Iaas and PaaS solutions designed and deployed in lock-step.

Beyond core infrastructure Darrel has at various times, and especially more so recently, been developing programing skills to augment his daily activities. Throughout his career Darrel has utilized various languages and utilities to automate infrastructure. Some of Darrel's programming has been with the use of Bash, net-snmp, sed, awk, and holistically with Python.

You can find Darrel online in a professional context at LinkedIn and through his Resume.

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