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09 June, 2018

CiscoLive! 2018 and Tech Field Day Extra

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 1 min.

It is that time of year once again, Summer Camp for Geeks otherwise known as CiscoLive! US has arrived. I am headed down to Orlando to join with around 30,000 others for several days of training, hallway tracks, socializing, and a bit of fun.

Tech Field Day will be present again this year with presentation on Monday 6/11 through Wednesday 6/13. I have been asked to be a delegate for both the Monday and Wednesday sessions. The full sessions for this Tech Field Day Extra are available and will be live streamed from here. Monday's sessions will have a focus on data centers with Wednesday's sessions having a focus on cloud and multicloud technologies. I am honored to once again be involved with Tech Field Day at CiscoLive! this year. You can find the previous events that I've participated in at my Tech Field Day Delegate Page.

My plane will be boarding shortly so will wrap up this short post for now. See everyone in Orlando in a couple of hours.

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