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14 December, 2013

Becoming a Producer in a Consumers World

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 4 min.
We live in a society that is predominantly composed of consumers, not only of products but also content. Everyone fills the role of a consumer at some point, but most never fill the role of a producer. In this modern age content is being produced at rates which have not been seen before in history. What does this mean for us that also want to be producers, and not merely consumers? Let's take a look at this from my perspective, and hopefully allow you to draw from my example.
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17 July, 2013

Post CiscoLive Update

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 1 min.
It has now been a couple of weeks since the wrap of CiscoLive, just a short update.  I am still working on developing my plans regarding how I am going to be tackling regaining my expired certifications and the training process around that.  The Packet Pushers have published Show 153 which I had the privilege of participating in along with many other prominent technologists from the Social Media and Blogging realms, have a listen if you haven't already.
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28 June, 2013

Revitalizing Passions

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 4 min.
So today marked the end of Cisco Live 2013.  It was great to again be in person for this event which provides so much for those in the computer networking industry.  I attended last year as well and had the privilege to be able to meet and speak with many great people I interact with on Twitter.  I was also greatly privileged to participate in a Packet Pushers Podcast.  It was a great experience just as attending Cisco Networkers was in 2004.  This year was great again, with even more invigorating conversations with many that I interact with on Twitter, and even some new people that I was able to meet at the event for the first time.  I additionally was privileged to be able to record with the Packet Pushers again this morning in conjunction with the crew from Tech Field Day.  This time it was a more intimate setting with fewer people but the same basic flow as the last episode I was on.
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23 September, 2010

If More People Would Realize...

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 3 min.
So I read this article when it was first published but didn't get a chance to blog about, been really busy, just read it again to refresh my memory. The article highlights management of Geeks, err, IT Staff, nope Geeks, definitely Geeks. No matter how you look at it, nor how much you don't believe yourself to be, there is a fairly high likelihood that if you are in IT you are a Geek, and just because you are not in IT does not mean that you are not a Geek.
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30 September, 2008

Django Live

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 2 min.
I've got my site moved over to using Django now. I haven't written my application yet so the site isn't complete as of yet. As of right now only the blog is truly dynamic, although everything is stored in the database but not as dynamic as the blog pages. Right now the site is powered by Django and a few of the pre-built applications included with it as well as from Google Code.
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