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23 September, 2010

Long time between posts...again

By Darrel Clute · Read time: 2 min.

Sorry to everyone, has been well over a year since I made my last post.  Having kids, and traveling for work as I did in my last job, makes it difficult to keep up with writing something worthy of a blog post.  So what's happened?

In my personal life, our second son was born on September 16th 2009, at home delivered by yours truly.  His birth was quite a story, and one of the many draft posts which I've started in the past year.  He was confirmed to have Downs Syndrome within a week of being born.  He was healthy through February, at which time he was hospitalized for around a week with RSV.  Everything seemed to go fairly well for us through the end of August, when one of the window air conditioners caught on fire.  Everyone is alright, and nearly a month after the fire the house is completely back to normal without any construction.  Thankfully there was not much in the way of fire damage, pretty much just smoke.  I put the fire out with an extinguisher pretty early.  The carpet in the front room and through the hall had to be replaced, which we put wood laminate in.  The same area got a new paint color, as did the bathroom and kitchen, do to damage from the soot.  That covers most of the remodels we were planning to complete ourselves, which is really the only good thing to come from it.  Hopefully we'll have a less eventful upcoming year.

Professionally much has changed as well.  In August of last year, Analysts International sold the VAR business unit to Netarx LLC.  Moved with the sale and enjoyed working there through the beginning of July this year.  I enjoyed doing what I was doing for Netarx, but left for personal reasons and won't go into any detail as to why.  Currently I'm working for Consumers Energy, the largest electric and gas utility in the state of Michigan. I am on a project assessing vendor technologies for enabling the migration from the traditional grid to a Smart Grid platform.  Really enjoy the individuals I'm working with as well as the technologies.  What I am doing is not exactly as it was described or outlined  to me, but I am still really enjoying my job at the moment.

Well, that kinda wraps up this post, just wanted to provide a quick update on things before posting anything else.  Will try to get out a couple of other posts within the next few days and try to get into a fairly good rhythm.

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