Our Newest Arrival (A year later)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our second child, Levi Alexander, made his grand entry into the world on the morning of September 16th, 2009. His arrival was quite the experience. This post is dedicated to the telling of Levi's birth story. I apologize for this being a year later then I had originally planned.

It was Tuesday the 15th of September and we were still about a month out from the expected due date for our second son. We were pretty sure that Levi was breach and Rachel had been visiting a chiropractor for a short period of time to attempt to realign her pelvis so Levi could rectify his position. Rachel had a last minute appointment at the Greenhouse Birth Center to see if any progress had been made as well as to discuss our options. Levi appeared...

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Long time between posts...again

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sorry to everyone, has been well over a year since I made my last post.  Having kids, and traveling for work as I did in my last job, makes it difficult to keep up with writing something worthy of a blog post.  So what's happened?

In my personal life, our second son was born on September 16th 2009, at home delivered by yours truly.  His birth was quite a story, and one of the many draft posts which I've started in the past year.  He was confirmed to have Downs Syndrome within a week of being born.  He was healthy through February, at which time he was hospitalized for around a week with RSV.  Everything seemed to go fairly well for us through the end of August, when one of the window air...

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Random Updates

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I've been busy and haven't had much time to update my blog until now. My wife and I purchased a house and moved into it. I've searched for a new job, done a lot of interviewing, and took a new job with a company that found me, instead of me searching them out. And a number of other small excursions which have taken up much of my time. This will hopefully be the first post of many regular posts yet to come, so let me start by catching everyone up.

As you could probably ascertain from my previous posts Rachel and I have bought a house in Lansing and are now living there instead of renting. This is nice for us as our family grows as we will not have to worry about attached neighbors either bothering us or us them. We've...

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My Loving Wife

Friday, October 24, 2008

Today is the two year anniversary for my wife and myself. In the time that we've been married we've enjoyed many things together. We've moved together to 3 different locations after being wed, had a son and bought a house. It has definitely been a great two years which we've spent together thus far.

For as long as either my wife or I can remember we've known each other. We grew up together in the same congregation and knew each others families moderately well. Rachel is five years younger then myself but does not act like it. We were wed on October 25th, 2006. For those of you that pulled up a calendar you'll see that that was a Wednesday. We were wed at the Calhoun County Court House by a magistrate. I won't go into detail as...

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AT&T Drops the Ball

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rachel and I are in the process of finishing moving to our new house. In this process we completed a move order online for our phone and Internet service through AT&T whom we've been using for our local phone service and DSL Internet access for some time now. When we placed the order on the second of September we received notification that the completion date for the phone service would be on the sixth and the eighth for the DSL service. In my previous moves I've not run into any issues with moving service, well not this time.

When we brought the phones over on the sixth and connected them we were not receiving a dial tone. I didn't have time that day but over...

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